5 Majors So You Can Get Fantastic SalariesSalary is a periodic payment from the top or the leader who provides work to employees written in the employment contract. Salaries or sometimes referred to as wages are arguably a form of expenditure by entrepreneurs to obtain human resources. The amount of salary also depends on the provisions of the employer or company as well as the negotiation of the employee himself. As proof of salary or wages, workers will receive a payslip containing details of income.

College majors with the highest salaries are usually the target of prospective students when they want to enter university. Are you one of them? If so, see the information about the list of college majors that have the highest starting salaries when they graduate below:

# Petroleum Engineering and Mining Engineering

Petroleum Engineering Major

This department focuses more on oil, gas, and geothermal mining work. In the field, workers will carry out various activities, such as site exploration, drilling, distribution, to processing, and trading of oil and gas. This mining and oil technique does have a similar job. However, what is mined is solid objects, such as metal, coal, and so on. No wonder these two majors are ranked first in the world’s highest salary. Unfortunately, not all universities provide these two majors.

# Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

The work that marine engineering graduates will undertake includes the design, development, and maintenance of technology and equipment at sea. This is to prevent things that are not desirable for ships sailing at sea, such as preventing disasters, building a sustainable system, preserving the ocean, and so on. Because this department is still scarce, human resources are still scarce. In fact, Indonesia’s marine potential is very wide. No wonder the salary for early employees is quite high.

# Computer System Engineering

Computer System Engineering

In this department, students will study various systems that occur in computers. That way, any technical problems that occur on the computer can be easily resolved. Not only that, but graduates of computer systems engineering are also expected to be able to design computer software or hardware. Therefore, not only accuracy, students who enter this department are also required to have high intellectual skills, especially logic problems. No wonder the salary given to graduates of this department while working is very high.

# Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science

This department is almost the same as the previous department. It’s just that, apart from learning about computer software, students in this department are also required to know the technical aspects of computer hardware related to electrical science. In today’s technological era, where almost all human activities can be controlled by computers, experts in this field are needed. The salary that employees get while working is not much different from the previous department.

# Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

This department learns about how to convert raw materials into products that have high economic value using chemical methods. Almost all companies that produce goods need this power. No wonder the job opportunities for this department are very wide, such as in food, cosmetics, cement, fertilizer, sugar, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

Those are the top 5 majors in universities with graduates who have the opportunity to earn the highest salaries. Some majors that are not far from salary are electrical and computer engineering, electrical engineering, and nuclear engineering. So, be wise in choosing college majors with the highest salaries.

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